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Freelance for additional income!

Freelance for additional income

Whether you are a student looking for a part time job, a full time mom or someone looking for an extra income, freelancing might be the perfect option for you.  A freelancer is a person who’s not particularly connected with a certain company in a long-term; they are hired based on their service and for a limited time.  They are self-employed and can be considered as an independent contractor.  You can actually find a freelancer in just about in any field of expertise from music, journalism, web design and film making, research to a simple data entry.

One of the advantages of freelancing is that you can choose the job that you want to do.  Without a boss to instruct you to do things, you are free to choose any type of service you want to fulfill.  In most circumstances, you are  allowed to perform the job in the comfort of your home and your family.  You are also in control of your time; a client doesn’t mind how or when you do it.  What is important is you submit the whole project based on the deadline.  Freelancing is a great option to those people who find working in an office a pain in the neck.

A Freelancer can also negotiate their own rate.   Often times most companies offer  a better rate compared to their own regular staff since they do not pay the freelancer with  other company benefits.  Just like any other job, years of experience in freelancing can give you a higher income rate.  It pays better than a part time job, and it doesn’t require you to do things you do not want.

When starting a freelancing career, it may seem tough and challenging to find a client since freelancer nowadays are a dime a dozen.  But once they get established and gain trust and confidence of their clients, it becomes easier to garner more projects.  Freelancing is definitely better than  part time jobs.

Everyday hundreds or even thousands of companies are searching for a freelancer online.  And they are not only small and medium enterprises who are looking for someone to help them with their requirements.  Most of them are big companies who are on the lookout for skills and expertise which are not available internally within the organisation.

Nov 1, 2015

How to create a winning profile?

How to create a winning profile?

When you work as a freelance service provider, you easily have the privilege of avoiding a number of challenges that regular firms have to overcome. That said, working on a micro-job site means that you are contending for market share and attention with other sellers who have similar skills and competitive advantage. When prospective clients require specific jobs to be completed, they need to make up their mind based on the information available on your profile, to decide if you are the best fit.

What are the skill set you possess?

As a service provider in any field, the skills available on your profile indicate what you can do. It is always preferable for you to put your best foot forward by listing the skills that you are proficient in. As a way to accentuate this, if there are any qualifications that also point in this direction, make sure you include them. A third party certification of your skills is a pointer to your proficiency, and this can be a consideration for every buyer.

Unrelated skill sets send the wrong message

It is an old adage, but it is commonly believed that ‘’a jack of all trades is a master of none’’. Freelancers make the mistake of lumping up several skills when filling their profile; this can be counter-productive. A scrupulous buyer will be put off to see several unrelated skill set on your profile, and this can put you out as lacking a specialty.

For example, if you are a writer, and you list SEO, Article Submission and Creative Writing as your skill set, it is perfectly understandable and can be easily fathomed. But, do not say you are a Writer, and you list Website Design, Coding, Bookkeeping and social media services on the same profile.  The more focused your skill set is, the better buyer attention you will attract

Buyer Reviews

As in other areas of a business, a positive buyer review can do a lot of good on your profile. See yourself as a professional and make sure you put in your best effort in every task you need to complete. There is power in a positive review, and other prospective clients get attracted when others have attested to your proficiency.

Work Samples and Portfolio

Including work samples in your profile points at what you can do and completed jobs or existing portfolio does the same. If you have work samples that are live on websites or blogs, you can reference them on your seller profile as long as it is not contravening any subsisting Non-Disclosure Agreements with clients. What you have done is more than ten-fold powerful than what you say you will do.

Oct 24, 2015